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1.1 Customer is entitled to withdraw from the purchase agreement for any reason, without penalty and without the need to give any explanation, within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of delivery of the products.
In the case of sales contracts for multiple goods that are ordered by the consumer in one order and delivered separately, the cancellation period expires after 14 days from the day on which the Customer acquires physical possession of the last of the goods.

1.2 Customer may exercise the right of withdrawal set forth in art. 1.1 above, (i) by filling in the online return form, (ii) by the paper return form, (iii) by an unequivocal written communication to the address indicated in the return form included in the package of the delivered products (each one hereinafter the “Return Form”).
VALORE LONDON will confirm that the Return Form has been properly received by sending an email message to the address notified by the Customer.
Alternatively, Customer may make an unequivocal statement informing VALORE LONDON of his / her decision to cancel the contract.

1.3 In the event of withdrawal, Customer shall dispatch the goods back to VALORE LONDON within 14 (fourteen) days from the date on which the above notice was submitted, following, at his/her discretion, one of the following modalities:

1.4 The product must be given back along with the original packaging (including the packaging materials and the documents, if any, accessories, labels, identification tags, seals, etc.) and it is to be carefully stored and used only for the time strictly necessary to verify its nature, specifications and size,and must show no signs of wear or dirt, as indicated below:

The right of withdrawal may be exercised only with respect to the entire purchased product, partial withdrawals (accessories, complements, etc.) are not permitted;
the Customer is liable for any diminished value of the goods resulting from the handling of the goods other than what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods;
The transit of the product/s, until the Customer receives confirmation that the product has been properly returned and delivered to VALORE LONDON, shall be at the Customer’s exclusive responsibility for the cases indicated under points 1.3.2 , 1.3.3. and 1.3.4. Therefore, if the product has been damaged during transit, VALORE shall inform Customer thereof in order to enable the latter to promptly send the relevant complaint to the courier and claim a refund; the product will be made available to Customer and the withdrawal notice will be cancelled;
VALORE accepts no responsibility for products damaged, stolen or lost while in transit, or, in any case, in relation to their shipping, whenever the shipping back to VALORE is processed according to one of the modalities indicated under points 1.3.2, 1.3.3 and 1.3.4.
VALORE reserves the right to reject the return of products that appear to have been damaged, deteriorated, stained or that appear to be in a condition that unequivocally shows that they have been used for purposes other than for those verifications by the Customer strictly necessary to ascertain the nature and features of the product purchased.

1.5 VALORE shall refund to the Customer the whole amount already paid by the latter, within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of the withdrawal. VALORE may withhold the refund until the returned product is properly received by VALORE or until Customer demonstrates that the product has been correctly returned, whichever is earlier.

1.6 Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the amount initially charged to Customer will be reimbursed using the same means of payment used by Customer in the initial transaction. In case of cash on delivery payment, the amount initially paid will be refunded by a bank transfer on the bank details indicated by the Customer on the Return Form. In any case, no amount shall be charged to Customer in relation to the refund. VALORE shall not be under the obligation to refund the delivery costs of the returned product/s in the event the Customer has selected a delivery method other than the standard delivery offered by VALORE under point 6.3.1.

1.7 Once the products are received, VALORE will check them in order to verify that they are consistent with the terms and conditions set forth in this clause and, should the results of such verification be negative, it shall inform Customer by email that the value of the returned products is reduced due to Customer’s failure to comply with the conditions mentioned above. By the same mail, VALORE shall also notify the amount that it will deduct from the amount to be refunded, unless Customer elects to have, at its own expense, the products sent back to him/her in the same conditions in which they were returned to VALORE.

1.8 In the event that the right of withdrawal is forfeited, VALORE shall send back to Customer the purchased product, charging the latter with the relevant shipping costs and, if already refunded, the price of the product.

1.9 In certain circumstances, detailed in the Return Form, the Customer is entitled to exchange the purchased products with other products, in place of receiving a refund of the relative sum.

1.10 The request for an exchange of the product is subject to the following conditions:

1.11 a. product exchange shall only apply to purchased products for which this possibility is expressly specified on the online Return Form on our website by means of the word “EXCHANGE” being available;

1.12 b. Customer may only request the replacement of one or more purchased products with products of the same model, but in a different size and/or colour. The available replacement options will be indicated in the online Return Form;

1.13 c. Customer may request to exchange one or more purchased products within and not later than 14 (fourteen) days of the day he/she receives the products, by filling in the Return Form and sending it via electronically to VALORE within the aforementioned deadline. The products to be replaced should be returned within 14 (fourteen) days of the day of receipt;

1.14 d. Customer may only submit a single replacement request for each product purchased;

1.15 e. the products for which the Customer requests the replacement must be returned to VALORE in their original packaging, they must not have been used, worn, washed, modified or damaged, and they must still have their identification tag attached with the disposable seal;

1.16 f. the products to be exchanged that are part of a single order must be returned to VALORE in a single shipment. VALORE reserves the right to refuse products of the same order that are shipped for replacement in different stages.

1.17 If all the above conditions are correctly fulfilled, once the Customer have filled in and transmitted the Return Form containing the request for goods replacement, VALORE will process said request by sending you a relevant confirmation email. If such conditions are not met, VALORE will inform the Customer and will deliver back the product to the same at Customer’s expenses.

1.18 After receiving the products to be exchanged, VALORE will inspect the products to check that all the above requirements have been fulfilled; VALORE will then verify the actual availability of the replacement products in its warehouses of the products to ensure that the size and/or colour you have selected are available.

1.19 If the selected replacement products are not available in the warehouse, VALORE will not be able to accept the request for an exchange and will refund the Customer the original price of the products originally purchased in accordance with the procedures specified in the Return Policy. Customer will be contacted by VALORE if his/her request for an exchange cannot be accepted.

1.20 If the selected products are available in the warehouse, VALORE will accept the request for an exchange and will send to the Customer an email confirming the shipment of the replacement products. Shipment will occur within thirty (30) working days of the date from which VALORE was made aware of the request for exchange, once the condition of the products for exchange as detailed above has been verified. The costs for shipping the replacement products shall be borne by VALORE who will choose the carrier.


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