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Founded by Nina Rouge and Matthew Stratton. Valore is heaped in tradition and history, our story begins with Desmond Stratton and Edgar Rouge, grandfathers to Valore’s- founders. Desmond was head engineer and designer for some of the most iconic cars in the 1950’s including the AC Shelby Cobra. Edgar was a master atelier in Paris for luxury trunks and leather goods

Valore London create true luxury bespoke bags that are both bold, timeless and that are instantly recognised worldwide. A Valore bag is a Piece of art, and should be curated to the journey of  life . The Blazon monogram is the heartbeat and fingerprint  in which every ‘piece’ begins.

Valore is cultivated from experiences and lessons of growing closely up with these great men, who passed on their knowledge and craft which are inherited by our founder.

Born from the romances and freedom of travel, hand made artisan skill, and the strong influence of bold classic design captured in every monogram bag. 

A team of Italian artisans now form the foundation of this concept. It takes seven different artisans families to craft and build a Valore bag, from the tannery, to the colour and print workshop, custom hardware, lining and zip manufactures to the expertise and skill of the Donati family in cutting and construction of each bag. Valore understand that provenance is important. Many hands and minds have been involved in the journey of a Valore bag and we value this team of artisans for their history and their skill.


Valore takes a slow approach to design and production, every hand bag, small leather item we produce takes extensive design and research development. We have developed a unique process of printing bold colour onto textured calf skin leather whilst retaining its lightweight, natural yet durable unique finish.


Sourcing only the finest Italian skins, our leather preparation and treatment avoids the use of harsh and harmful chrome metals. Each individual leather item is made by hand throughout the process, ensuring only the highest quality whilst retaining its own unique finish.

Valore has always believed  the future is with sustainable production methods, keeping a low carbon footprint by sourcing all materials within a 10 mile radius in the Florentine region of Italy. Producing with premium materials which have a lower  level of environmental impact.

All Valore bags are born out of thought in our London design studios, where concepts are refined to a final design. Here the design is taken to our workshop in the centre of Florence Italy, where our head atelier Rivo’ 74 years of age works along side our creative director Matthew-Stratton.

A single hand is responsible to crafting these early designs from analysis of the sketch, 3D model to hand-fabrication of every stitch, fold, and seam finish.

It is this careful thought and time process which makes a Valore bag different from most.

After many trials and adjustment a final ‘Salpe’ is approved, and we are ready to move to production. We take pride in our meticulous production and therefore Valore only makes very small limited quantities from 10-15 bags, to retain exclusivity, and retain the highest quality standards.

work process
work process


Valore uses its own custom hand printed monogram calf leather, which is developed and made in central Tuscany. Our print is called the Blazon monogram, Blazon meaning family crest, and DNA.

The monogram is hand printed onto Italian calf leather, which is embossed with a Chico de riso ( rice grain) texture.

All Valore hardware is custom made in Italy, The finish is carefully hand prepared and polished to give long use. From locks to clasps, Studs, to our iconic Pennant zip pulls.

For lining our bags we use Tuscan woven canvas cotton, and Alcantara. Our cotton is naturally treated and sourced from one of Tuscanys oldest cotton mills.


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